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Understanding the value of a moment

I'm Casey. Photographer, mom, wife, friend, just your average joe. Coffee loving, Teen Mom watching, Tik Tok scrolling lady with a camera.

I have 3 boys aged between 2 and 7, and my creative inspiration comes mostly from them!

Watching my kids grow has been the honour of a lifetime, and I'm so glad this photography journey has allowed me not only to capture my own children, but to cross paths and capture precious moments, smiles, pouts, first steps, and everything in between for so many of my clients as well.

Casey Rumley

~ Photographer ~

Turning a Vision into Reality

As a mom, I know what its like to be 100% wrapped up in the chaos.  But I also know, how quick the years go by. You'll never regret getting professional photos of your family - no matter how crazy everyone might be in the moment.  But those are the moments that we will cherish, the moments that will be gone in the blink of an eye.

That's why you'll love your session with me. I understand the chaos, and work with kids and families to make it fun! I pose my families in a natural style, where you and the kids don't even realize you're having your photos done. You are enjoying time together as a family, playing games as I direct you. Photos captured without stress, without chaos. Just genuine joy captured while making memories at our photo session.

I want you to look back at your photos and remember the emotions that you experienced, and thats exactly what you'll receive in your photos with me.


The Studio

Morgan Creek, South Surrey, BC

Located within Morgan Creek, my home-studio is the perfect location to serve the South Surrey and White Rock areas. 

Make yourself at home when you're here for a session.

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